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January 7, 2016: Soar! - Large fundraising event with music, poetry, visual arts and artisan pieces sold - raised enough money to sponsor two girls from Maasai Girls Education Fund

March 26, 2016: UTA Expressions in Leadership Conference (presented spoken word poetry & dance at University of Texas Arlington event)

April 4, 2016: Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented Leadership Conference presenters (2 sessions - one about starting a charity, another about gifted students using gifts to help others)

July 24, 2016: Presenters at the SENG National Conference in Williamsburg, VA

December 1, 2016: Presenters at TAGT professional development conference

December 9, 2016: Kindred Coffee Night, spoken word poetry & visual art sales at local coffee shop

April 22-23, 2017: Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival - sold visual arts/jewelry to raise money

May 2, 2017: Became Federal 501(c)3

February 2018: Semi-Permanent art display at Kindred Coffee shop

March 25, 2018: Sip n' Speak event - similar to 2016 Soar Event

April 4, 2018: Presentation and booth at the Texas State Librarian Conference

April 21-22, 2018: Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

November 13, 2018: Presenting at SAGE (GT parent organization) Pathways event

December 8, 2018: So Much To Give Workshop